This project is not only connected to my work as a fashion designer, this is where all my passion for fashion and my love for the city of Florence is.


Italy has been my favourite country since I was a little girl. Then, when I got older, I studied in Florence for a few months. On the first day I already fell in love with the city. Art, culture, fashion, music, architecture, history, these words describe not only Florence but my own personal interests. I spent my happiest days in this city.


When I had to return to my home country Vienna, I promised myself to come back to Florence and live here, one day. 


Full of passion, I constantly thought back to the time when I studied in the most beautiful city in Italy. There are an unbelievable number of places where I spent time every day, I couldn't decide what my favourite place was.


Now the time has come, since the begining of this year I have been living my dream in Florence. I'm dedicating my first collection in Italy completely to this city, for which I left my entire life behind in Vienna. I don't regret it for a second, I enjoy and appreciate every moment here very much. 


The dresses in this collection were inspired by 17 different places in Florence and they were designed according to them.

My favourite colour, green, combined with purple, the colour of Florence and also my favourite soccer club are included in the collection.


With this collection, I present not only my fashion, but also the history of the most beautiful city in the world.


The result of my love and passion for fashion and Florence is:



I can't wait to tell you the whole story.

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