Sandra Milis


I discovered a passion for art and fashion when I was a little girl. I loved to draw and started creating designs of clothes at an early age. I won my first drawing competition with first place when I was only six years old.


Often you could see clothes in my fashion designs that had never been seen before. When I became older and was in my teens, my mother took my designs to the tailor to be realised. At first, I only wanted to create fashion for myself because I was not satisfied with what was available on the market.


Then, when people started asking me about my clothes on the street, at school or among my friends, where I got my dress, I founded my fashion label in Vienna in 2015 at the age of 21. For the first time, I had an answer to people's questions: My dress is from SANDRAMILIS.


In the same year, a fashion show of my first collection took place, where I unexpectedly received an incredible amount of positive feedback.  At that time, I had little knowledge about fashion industries, as I was educated in a completely different field. The only thing I could apply to my business was my talent and my incredibly huge passion.


A year later, as a completely unknown designer, I entered the Vienna Fashion Week and won first place, out of 300 young designers.


Since I still couldn't tailor or design properly until then, I started to study fashion design. During my studies I realised three more collections and organised fashion shows in Vienna. One of them again at the Vienna Fashion Week, which welcomed me as a designer with open arms.

Before I graduated and did part of my studies in Florence, I worked for a short time at Milano Fashion Week. The Italian language, which I learned fluently as a teenager, helped me a lot.



Today I live and work in Florence, where I continue to run my fashion label as a passionate and now qualified tailor, pattern maker and fashion designer.