From "Made in Austria" to "Made in Italy". As a native of Vienna, I am finally living my dream and residing in Italy, passionately continuing my fashion label. This new chapter of my life is reflected in my new collection.


Some things have changed, but my fashion priorities remain the same: quality, best fabrics and materials, handmade and unique pieces. 



As you would expect, you will find classic women's fashion in this collection. The colour combination of my favourite shades bottle green, mint green, black and white together with classic cuts result in a timeless, elegant collection.

Furthermore, this fashion line will not only demonstrate my personal preferences, it will also show the great history of Florence. Discover my new collection and get to know the most beautiful places in the world at the same time. How is this connected?


FIORENTINA will tell you the whole story soon!


In the meantime, you can follow my steps here.