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„You can never be overdressed“ 


The fashion desginer creates fashion out of the ordinary for a modern woman for the everyday life, but also for special moments.

Leather, lace and decor instead of sweatpants, jeans and sweater!


Decor used in retro style is in contrast with modern cuts an unusual mix of timeless elegance and unique design.


This combination is the brand recognition of the label and reflects the facets of the person behind sandramilis.



We do not believe in trends and passing fashions. We want wearable fashion with good quality and old-fashioned cuts, because this style never fades. Aren't the good old days the best?


The materials which identify the designer’s fashion creations are exclusively from Austria. Also the complete production of each design piece is 100% austrian.


Because not only individuality and attention to detail, but also the highest quality are the features behind each work of sandramilis, every piece wears proudly the label "Made in Austria"!